Evanston IL Real Estate August 2017

Today we show you a look at Evanston IL Real Estate August 2017. Prices have gone up and it is a seller’s market. If you are looking to sell your home or condo in Evanston IL now would be a great time to do so.Evanston IL

Today we show you a look at Evanston IL Real Estate August 2017. Prices have gone up and it is a seller’s market. If you are looking to sell your home or condo in Evanston IL now would be a great time to do so.

We are looking at a 30-day timeframe. This is compared to the same days of one year ago. If you want even more complete data, look at the report at the end of this blog. You will find it very useful.

Evanston has a drop of 6.3% in new listings or all types of property. Closed sales are down by 22.1% as compared with 2016. Inventory is down by 12%.

Breaking it down to Evanston IL Houses, new listings are down by 13.7%. Under contract, houses are down 6.5%. Closed sales are down 27.1%. The average sales price in Evanston is up 14.8% to $744,959. Average market time is down by 8.3% to 55 days.

Click Evanston IL Homes for sale and Evanston IL Condos for sale. This is a very accurate way to see what is available presently.

As for condos, new listings are flat. The same number came in this period at 85 units. Under contract condominiums are down by 14.8% Closed sales are down 17.3%. The average sales price for an Evanston condo is up by $277,497. Average market time is down 28.6% to 45 days.

Our team at Coldwell Banker Evanston is having a very busy year. We are seeing record sales. There is a good reason for that in a market with these stats. The people that work with us provide excellent service. 

Call us day or night at (800) 858-7917. We have mortgage brokers to help you see what is the price you are comfortable with. Lawyers to answer legal questions and Realtors to help you find the right home.

Check out our website at Coldwell Banker Evanston. This is a direct connection to the Multiple listing service. This data is updated on the fly. Please let us know if you have any questions about the real estate market and the steps to buying or selling a home.

Evanston IL Real Estate August 2017

Evanston IL Real Estate


1503 Oak 412 Evanston IL 60201 Sold

1503 Oak 412 Evanston IL 60201 Sold. This is a wonderful 3 bedroom and 2-bathroom condo. The property is located at the Oak Court in downtown Evanston.1503 Oak Unit 412 Evanston

We had 7 offers on this property. During the 3 days, it was on the market we had 43 showings. There was an open house the first Sunday and I had 62 sets of people come to see the property in two hours. That is a record for me.

The condo was listed for $370,000 and sold for $400,000. We came up with the price based on comparable properties in the building that had sold in the last year.

People really wanted this condominium. We could have sold 10 more of the exact unit. The seller was very pleased with the situation and made out very well.

The now former owners had installed a new double oven with a stainless-steel hood and vent. Everything was remodeled. There were bamboo floors and they opened up the kitchen to the dining room.

This property had a great southern exposure and Realtors told me they wanted it for their own home. The building has an elevator and is a five-minute walk to the Metra and EL trains. All the great amenities in Evanston are within walking distance.

Included with this home is two parking spots. One is in the attached and heated garage. The second is right outside the building and perfect for guests or the quick in and out.

If you are considering a sale of your property in Evanston IL give us a call and we will help you get a great value for your home. Call us at (800) 858-7917. You can call day or night.

1503 Oak 412 Evanston IL 60201 Sold

If you like to search on your own click on Coldwell Banker Evanston. This is a direct connect to the multiple Listing System.

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and love to help first time buyers.

740 Hinman Unit 3 Evanston IL 60202

740 Hinman Unit 3 Evanston IL 60202 has been sold. We closed on the sale and my client the seller is very happy. I had sold her this condo about 3 years ago and now resold it.740-Hinman-Unit-3-Evanston-IL-60202

My client had moved to another state for a job promotion. This was a very positive move for her and family. She made money on the transaction and lived in this condo for free.

740 Hinman unit 3 Evanston IL 60202 is a 3 bedroom and 2-bathroom vintage condo. It is located near the intersection of Hinman and Main. This is one of the most popular areas of Evanston. You have access to the Metra and EL trains within a 5-minute walk.

The Hinman and Main area is home to many choices or restaurants as well as interesting shops. There are great coffee houses that people meet and spend their time talking and enjoying each other’s company.

740 Hinman Unit 3 Evanston IL 60202

furthermore you will also find the Evanston Lakefront just a few blocks away from this area. Evanston has 6 beaches that include one dog beach, a boat launch, and many parks. People are often swimming and just enjoying the sunshine and taking it all in.

At the closing, the new owners of 740 Hinman Unit 3 were very excited. They were first time home buyers and this was exactly what they wanted. The condo has all the vintage charm with wonderful wood work and crown moldings that are truly beautiful.

The building was built in the early 1920’s and still has all the original features as well as a wood burning fireplace. I could feel the excitement as we went through the document signing at the title company.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a property please give us a call and we will answer any questions you might have. Call us day or night at (800) 858-7917. If you want to browse our web site you can click on Coldwell Banker Evanston.

Skokie Il Real Estate Report For April 2016

Here is a report on Skokie IL Real Estate. The 60076 and 60077 zip codes are very popular and we are seeing a great value for sales of houses and condos in Skokie IL. It is a great time to Skokie NorthShore Channel parkpurchase or sell and you will get a great return on your property. Let’s look at the facts for Skokie IL Real Estate.

Currently there are 147 single family houses for sale in Skokie IL and 144 houses are under contract and waiting to close. In the last 30 days 51 houses have sold and are closed. In the condo scene there are currently 77 properties for sale and 71 under contract and waiting to close In the last 30 days 31 condos have closed and are not sold.

Skokie IL real Estate is very desirable and people looking for savings in property tax and overall price sometimes will look at Skokie Vs Evanston to get more bang for the buck. If you are interested In seeing what is available, click Skokie IL Homes for sale or Skokie IL Condos for sale. You will be seeing up to date information directly from the multiple listing service.

If you are considering purchasing a home in Skokie IL you should contact the largest and most successful Real Estate Brokerage in Coldwell Banker. We can set up a personalized search to meet your criteria and show you property at a time that works for your schedule. 

If you are interested in selling property in Skokie IL, Coldwell Banker can create a market analysis for you and show you the value you can get for your property. We can market your home with a plan and would love to help your success with your return of value.

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Skokie april 2016 market report

3 Bedroom Homes For Sale Evanston IL

Evanston IL

Evanston IL South Blvd Beach

Here is some information on 3 bedroom homes for sale in Evanston IL. A 3 bedroom house can be considered a condo alternative. Many people want the privacy of a single family house with a yard and the lack of the HOA (homeowners association) that makes rules and spends money from decisions that are based upon the condo board. Maybe a garden is a possibility with the purchase of a home vs a condo. We like condos at Coldwell Banker Evanston too, this is a report on houses. Condos come next time.

Currently Evanston IL has 37, 3 bedroom homes for sale and 28 under contract and waiting to close. In the last 30 days 9, 3 bedroom homes have been sold in Evanston IL. The Spring market is right around the corner and we are seeing a seller’s market. That means that there are more buyers looking for homes compared to the number of available properties. A good time for people interested in selling property to list a home for sale.

If you want to take a look on your own, click 3 Bedroom Homes For Sale Evanston IL and you will be directly connected to the Multiple listing Service (MLS) with data updated on the fly. Browse freely and let us know if you have any questions.

Evanston IL

Interested in how the schools in Evanston rate? We use a resource that is very popular, its great schools. Click on Evanston Schools and take a look at an unbiased look at the local education.

During the last decade Evanston IL has become a Mecca of many restaurants, unique stores and a wide variety of entertainment. Park your car and you can get to many places in Evanston on foot. We really like to use Walk Score to help show you how much time it take to get somewhere on foot. Walk Score measures the walkability of any address by analyzing hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities, a great way to easily check out the need for a vehicle.

If you have any questions about Evanston IL, its Real Estate or anything else on your mind please give us a call at (800) 858-7917.

Evanston IL

Lincoln Square Market Report July 2015

Lincoln Square Market Report July 2015

The Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago IL continues to grow and be very desirable. In June as compared to the same time last year there are only 1.1% more listings, almost 7% less closed sales. That does not mean all that much except a lack of inventory. It is a good time to sell if that is on your mind. The properties are getting 55% more in the median sales price as compared to this time in 2014. The mortgage rates are still great so it is a great time to buy if that is in your plans

Lincoln Square is such a fine neighborhood to call home. There are so many wonderful restaurants and the live entertainment is out of this world. The old Town School Of Folk has a state of the art location and has concerts and music lessons available for anyone. I often go to concerts and always love the sound quality. Lincoln Square is really a gem of a neighborhood.

If you just want to browse property, click Lincoln Square Homes and Lincoln Square Condos and see for yourself. This is a direct to the multiple listing service connection that is updated on the fly, exactly the same data as we Realtors see.

If you want to learn more about Lincoln Square and what the process is to purchase property, give us a call at Coldwell Banker and we can explain any questions you have. We could set up a search that emails you the properties that mean your specifications and as they hit the market. Showings can be made at a time that works for your schedule.

If you are considering a sale of property in Lincoln Square let us know and we can set up a comparative market analysis to determine your properties value. We have a market plan and will get you the most value in the shortest time possible.

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Lincolnsquare Real Estate Market Update

Condos Near Downtown Evanston IL And Northwestern

The zip code of 60601 is very popular these days, this is the area of Evanston IL near Northwestern University and the downtown area. Becoming more and more popular due to all the amenities, we are seeing allot of folks interested in this area. You can find a selection of High rise condos with
800-Elgin-Optima-Horizonselevators, door people and exercise rooms, or whatever you need or could want. Also there are some vintage 1920s properties, usually a 3 story walk up with a lot of character.

Zip code 60201 is anything north of Dempster which ends at the Northern border of Evanston IL and the Central street shopping district which is also very popular with is cute antique stores, unique one of a kind stores and really nice restaurants you will really enjoy. 

If you want to cut to the chase and search on your own, click 60201 Condos or 60201 Houses and see on your own what property is available. You will not be asked for any information unless you request a showing. This data is updated on the fly from out Multiple Listing Service. Orig post Active Rain


Evanston IL and it’s downtown is such a fun place to live. There is wonderful public transportation via the EL or Metra that can get you to downtown Chicago in about 20 minutes and all points in between in a very short time. Downtown Evanston has world class entertainment and or course Northwestern University. Walk out your front door and shop at the grocery store or enjoy a move at the Century Movie Theater with its 15 screens and superior sound system. You can tell I love Evanston. Living here since 1979 will do it. Also I am an official Ambassador for the city of Evanston IL here to help you and answer any questions about the history of Evanston of where you can find anything we have to offer including Real Estate. My name is Noah Seidenberg of Coldwell Banker Evanston.

If you are interested in purchasing property we can set up a custom search for you and email you the listings as the come on the market. We will show you property at a time that works in your schedule, day or night.

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Evanston IL Real Estate April 2015

Evanston IL Real Estate Early May 2015

Let’s take a look at the Evanston IL Real Estate scene through the end of April. There are some surprising statistics. It is a very hot market in all of Evanston IL which is 60201, 60202, and 60203 zip codes. The interesting thing I wish to share is that there is more inventory compared to this time last year. The mortgage rates are just fantastic and home and condo prices have gone up so the seller can get a good buck for their home and buyers have an excellent opportunity. I suggest you look into doing something soon if you have home or condo buying or selling on your mind, the interest rates are expected to slowly rise taking away buying power.

If you want to skip my report and get down to business click Evanston Condo and Evanston House. You will have direct access to the Multiple Listing Service which is updated on the fly. You will not be asked to enter any information for browsing, only if you wish a showing or more information. My free service to you. Browse away and enjoy.

Currently there are 124 single family homes for sale in Evanston IL and 114 under contract and waiting to close. In the last 30 days, 51 houses have sold and are closed. That is a very active Real Estate market in Evanston IL. In condo scene there are currently 207 condominiums for sale at this time and 130 under contract and waiting to close. In the last 30 days, 61 condos have sold and are closed.

If you are considering making a move to Evanston IL you should call upon the largest and most successful Real Estate Brokerage in Chicago Land in Coldwell Banker Evanston. We can set up a personalized search for you that emails properties as they hit the market. We will show you property when it works for your schedule.

If you have a house or condo and are thinking about putting it on the market for sale give us a call and we can give you a free and no obligation market analysis to find your properties value. If you elect to sell, we have a plan to market your home or condo and get you the most value in the shortest time possible.

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A Great Time To Look At Real Estate

It is the beginning of the Spring Market and a great time to purchases Real Estate. I am saying this because the mortgage rates are expected to go up sometime soon and it will cost more to be a home owner.

In a condo the important costs are HOA the Home Owners Association, the Mortgage payment and the Taxes. You add those three items up and it is the basic cost plus insurance on your property.

If you are thinking about a Single Family Home then you have no HOA but you need to save money for any repairs in the future.

If you are interested in Real Estate, have any questions please let me know. I will answer any questions and never push or hard sell. My work is my life (mostly) and I really enjoy it.

Evanston homes and condos, Skokie, Niles Morton Grove Real Estate

Wilmette Homes, and Winnetka Homes and condos are all my specialty

Chicago properties are something I know quite a bit about and are ready to answer any of your questions. Have a happy Spring and call or email Noah Seidenberg whenever you want.

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Down town Evanston

Is A Condo Right For You?

So you’ve made the decision to move forward with a home purchase.  Good for you!  Whether you’re a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran, you might be trying to determine if you want to purchase a condo or a single-family home.  There’s benefits to both, but some first time buyers especially prefer condos for many reasons.

First of all, price.  Depending on what area you’re looking in, generally a condo is less expensive than a home.  An association handles all of the exterior maintenance like shoveling snow and mowing grass, so if you’re on your own, that might be a better option.  You do pay for it in a monthly fee, but it can be worth it to some.  Some condos have common amenities like tennis courts and pools.

So if you’re out shopping and you find a condo you can imagine yourself living in, here are some key questions to ask your Realtor:

1. What is the financial condition of the association?  In Illinois, your attorney should always ask for a recent budget of the association.  It will let you know how much money they have in reserves in case a situation arises that needs to be fixed.  New condo associations might set the monthly fees really low to attract buyers, so you might want to make sure they do have enough money in reserves.  If money is lacking, and there’s a problem, the association could always come back to the homeowners and charge money to fix it.  So be careful.

2. How do these monthly fees compare to other similar buildings?  Obviously, it’s important to you to keep costs at a minimum.  But it might mean something to a buyer down the road when you go to sell your unit if the fees are exorbitantly high.  Also ask exactly what is covered.  Find out if utilities such as heat and water are included.  Usually, fees include snow removal, exterior maintenance, landscaping, common insurance.  But it’s definitely worth finding out exactly what you have to worry about on your own.

3. How good is the sound-proofing?  Try to visit the unit you’re interested in at different times.  Maybe on the first viewing you’ll go in the morning and then if you see it again, go later in the afternoon.  It gives you an idea of what your neighbors will be like.  You’ll be able to determine if you can hear a neighbor’s TV, or people walking on the floor above you.

4. What is the percentage of renters?  Some complexes only allow homeowners to rent out units after they’ve lived there for a certain number of years.  Others don’t have any restrictions.  Absentee owners are not as conscious of what’s going on than people who occupy the units are.  So this might be helpful to know in terms of resale value, also.