Skokie IL Real Estate February 2018

Skokie IL Real Estate February 2018

Looking at Skokie IL Real Estate for the beginning of the year is our focus. A comparison of a 30-day time frame ending February 14, 2018 as it looked the same time in 2017.Skokie IL

Skokie IL real estate is in a sellers’ market. This happens when there is a lack of inventory. The report at the end of this blog will be helpful if you want a deeper analysis of the stats.

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On the overall picture, that is all property combined shows a negative 9.1% change in new listings. Closed sales are down by 4.3%. There is also a 21.4% negative change in inventory of homes.

Click Skokie IL Houses for sale and Skokie IL Condos for sale to dive directly into the Multiple Listing Service. This is the most accurate way to browse inventory. The listing are updated on the fly.

Skokie IL Real Estate

Look next at the Skokie IL houses for sale. New listings are flat, the same numbers as 2017.  Under contract property is up 32.1%. Closed sales are down 16.7%. The average sales price for a Skokie IL house is currently up 2.4% to $348,696. Average market time is down 9.8% to 74 days.

New listings of condominiums are down 21.6%. Under contract condos are down 14.3%. Closed sales are up 18.8%. The average sales price for a Skokie IL condo is up 15.8% to $198,036. Average market time is up 25.3% to 104 days.

Skokie IL Real Estate February 2018

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Here is the Skokie Il Real Estate December 2017 report.

Skokie Il Real Estate