Evanston IL Real Estate February 2018

Evanston IL Real Estate February 2018

Our Evanston IL Real Estate report for this month shows some interesting swings. We are talking about the difference between the stats for single family homes Vs condos.Evanston IL Real Estate December 2017

First a look at the bigger picture. This is all the Evanston IL Real Estate combined stats. Evanston shows a 1.8% drop in new listings. Closed sales have slid 10.4%. We have a 1% change in inventory for all types of property.

The story for single family homes looks promising. New listings are up 38.5%. Under contract houses are up 18.2%. Closed sales are up 4.2%. The average sales price for an Evanston IL house is currently up 21.9% to $640,180. Average market time is down 1% to 103 Days.

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Condominiums in Evanston do not fare as well as single family homes. New listings are down 23.9%. Under contract properties are down 23.6%. Closed sales are down 25%. The average sales price for an Evanston IL condo is up 35.3% to 322,167. The average market time is down 6.9% to 94 days.

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Sellers can consider the great gains in the prices of single family houses and condos. If you are considering a move you should be able to make a considerable gain in the sales price. If you are a buyer, we have excellent marketing techniques.

Evanston IL Real Estate February 2018

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