Skokie IL Real Estate November 2017

Skokie IL Real Estate November 2017 is today’s subject. The goal is to talk about a 30-day time frame that ended November 14 of 2017. We compare the same data time for last year and give you our thoughts.Skokie IL

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Looking at Skokie IL Real Estate and the complete picture show us that there is a 7.1% gain in new listings of all types of property. However closed sales have dropped by 16.7%. On a positive note, Skokie is seeing a 7.2% change in inventory.

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Skokie IL Real Estate offers great value and that is one reason why people continue to shop for houses and condos. The property taxes are lower compared with some of the neighboring communities. The schools are excellent.

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New listings of Skokie IL houses are down by 4.5%. interestingly under contract houses are currently up by 5.4%. Closed sales are down by 8.6% this month. Also the average sales price for a Skokie Single family home is currently $349,451 and that is up by 4.5%. The average market time is up by 10% to 66 days.

Skokie IL Real Estate November 2017

Skokie IL Condos are up by 31.3%. Under contract properties are down by 33.3%. Closed sales are down this month by28%. The average sales price for a Skokie IL Condo is currently $206,425. That figure is down 11.8% as compared with last year. The average market time for a sale regarding a Skokie IL Condominium is down a whopping 56.6% to 46 days.

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Skokie IL Real Estate November 2017