740 Hinman Unit 3 Evanston IL 60202

740 Hinman Unit 3 Evanston IL 60202 has been sold. We closed on the sale and my client the seller is very happy. I had sold her this condo about 3 years ago and now resold it.740-Hinman-Unit-3-Evanston-IL-60202

My client had moved to another state for a job promotion. This was a very positive move for her and family. She made money on the transaction and lived in this condo for free.

740 Hinman unit 3 Evanston IL 60202 is a 3 bedroom and 2-bathroom vintage condo. It is located near the intersection of Hinman and Main. This is one of the most popular areas of Evanston. You have access to the Metra and EL trains within a 5-minute walk.

The Hinman and Main area is home to many choices or restaurants as well as interesting shops. There are great coffee houses that people meet and spend their time talking and enjoying each other’s company.

740 Hinman Unit 3 Evanston IL 60202

furthermore you will also find the Evanston Lakefront just a few blocks away from this area. Evanston has 6 beaches that include one dog beach, a boat launch, and many parks. People are often swimming and just enjoying the sunshine and taking it all in.

At the closing, the new owners of 740 Hinman Unit 3 were very excited. They were first time home buyers and this was exactly what they wanted. The condo has all the vintage charm with wonderful wood work and crown moldings that are truly beautiful.

The building was built in the early 1920’s and still has all the original features as well as a wood burning fireplace. I could feel the excitement as we went through the document signing at the title company.

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