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Evanston IL

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Here is some information on 3 bedroom homes for sale in Evanston IL. A 3 bedroom house can be considered a condo alternative. Many people want the privacy of a single family house with a yard and the lack of the HOA (homeowners association) that makes rules and spends money from decisions that are based upon the condo board. Maybe a garden is a possibility with the purchase of a home vs a condo. We like condos at Coldwell Banker Evanston too, this is a report on houses. Condos come next time.

Currently Evanston IL has 37, 3 bedroom homes for sale and 28 under contract and waiting to close. In the last 30 days 9, 3 bedroom homes have been sold in Evanston IL. The Spring market is right around the corner and we are seeing a seller’s market. That means that there are more buyers looking for homes compared to the number of available properties. A good time for people interested in selling property to list a home for sale.

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Evanston IL

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During the last decade Evanston IL has become a Mecca of many restaurants, unique stores and a wide variety of entertainment. Park your car and you can get to many places in Evanston on foot. We really like to use Walk Score to help show you how much time it take to get somewhere on foot. Walk Score measures the walkability of any address by analyzing hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities, a great way to easily check out the need for a vehicle.

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Evanston IL